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Before Telephones And Cars

There Was Johnson Woolen Mills

For over 170 years and lead by four generations of the Barrows Family, Johnson Woolen Mills continues to bring you new designs, classic woolen products and rugged outerwear for the whole family. By combining old world values with new world ideas and integrations you will wear your Johnson Woolen Mill product for a lifetime. Read More About Our History

Our Product In Your Area

Johnson Woolen Mill Retailers

Rugged woolen outwear and accessories by Johnson Woolen Mills can be found worldwide at retailers from the United States, Canada and Europe. From famous country stores to today's modern retail outlet, you're sure to receive the best quality woolen products available, unmatched customer service and a friendly smile. Find A Retailer In Your Area

Why Wool?

Learn The Benefits Of Wool!

For centuries people all over the world have used wool to protect themselves from Mother Nature's elements. Wool and woolen garments have proven to be the best products for durability, comfort and insulation. You'll often here the term "wet and warm" from fisherman, hunters and hikers that wear products by Johnson Woolen Mills. Learn More About The Benefits Of Wool

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